Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day events

I'm so tired of dealing with roommates. Is anyone with me? I bought a house two years ago, and I have gone through 4 roommates. The wall in the bedroom has been painted grey, blue, green and now brown. BROWN. Am I the only one whose hope of a husband has been dwindling with each year that passes? I know that a husband is not the fulfillment of life's purpose (what IS life's purpose?), but I DO know that my desire for intimacy and to be known is deep. I'm losing hope that my Prince Charming is out there. Am I forever destined to deal with crappy roommates who are dirty, who, inevitably meet the man of their dreams and wed off into the world of marriage, who have mean dogs that scoot across the floor, leaving their ass juice on my carpet, and who don't pay their bills? Yep, this last one has bounced several checks and didn't pay rent for the past 2 months. At first I thought I was being gracious, by not making her pay rent right away. But 3 months and $1,800 later, I have learned that lesson. She moved out yesterday. That was my Labor Day..... Anyone looking for a place to leave that can pay their bills?